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Studio Davy de Lepper


Concept development

Content design
Creative copywriting



Hi, I'm Davy, a creative director with a background in communication and marketing. If you're seeking a generalist who seamlessly blends brand, design, and strategy, you're in the right place. Crafting impactful campaigns and striking content is what I do best.

I've held roles in both cultural organizations and creative agencies, ranging from head of marketing to social media manager and creative.

My journey includes collaborations with
Nxt Museum, Effenaar, and Dutch Design Week.

Concept Development

What makes your brand unique? I'll help you identify your brand pillars to develop innovative concepts that connect traditional heritage with future ambitions. My approach ensures engagement and resonance with your target audience, resulting in a cohesive and strategic brand narrative.


Content & Copy

Magic happens when image and copy are combined into something new. I excel in creating campaigns that are not only visually striking but also rich in narrative. Whether through photography, video, or written content, I ensure that every element works together to tell a powerful story that captivates the audience.

Art and design

My experience in art and design spans from photography to design and education. I am passionate about exploring themes such as identity, masculinity, and social issues, using my art to provoke thought and inspire dialogue.

My work has been showcased at esteemed venues like Van Abbemuseum, W139 and Melkweg Amsterdam.

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