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Studio Davy de Lepper

Davy de Lepper (he/him) is a versatile creative with a background in communication and marketing. His expertise lies in the fusion of design and strategy. This results in impactful campaigns and striking content.

Scroll down to explore a diverse range of his work, spanning from design to creative copywriting and photography. 

Homohooligan | Social Design

“For anyone thinking queer is new, we’ve always been here. People need to realise that. It’s not propaganda, it’s time for us to have a voice.” – Tiela Brown

A deep dive into the current political landscape for LGBTQIA+ people in The Netherlands, in the heat of election-season.


Tante Netty | Social Design

Homohooligan fights for LGBTQIA+ solidarity through education, visibility and love. In an educational film, 8 supporters of the queer community were asked to share their experiences and knowledge around topics such as gender, identity and self-expression.

This project is created in collaboration with Tante Netty and Basisschool 't Palet. Made possible with the help of Cultuur Eindhoven, KEVN and Trudo.

Exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2023 
at Embassy of Inclusive Society in Van Abbemuseum.

Nxt Museum | Communication Design

The Flash Drive expands Nxt Museum’s mission to inform its community on everything new media art. The latest podcasts with artists on show, articles on Web 3.0 and NFTs, plus exclusive museum updates. Developed with the Nxt Team, this platform keeps visitors connected to the museum after their visit. Explore The Flash Drive here.


Effenaar | Communication & Marketing

As the Head of Marketing for Hit The City, a new thrilling 3-day music festival during Dutch Design Week, my role was to craft captivating campaigns that resonate with diverse audiences, fueling anticipation. Starting from scratch, I leverage innovative strategies to amplify the festival's brand, ensuring a memorable experience for all visitors.

In commission of Effenaar, in collaboration with Friendly Fire and Dutch Design Foundation.

Effenaar | Communication Design


Effenaar celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, a time when organizing events of any sort was impossible. To still mark this milestone, I created a platform that would later shape the music venue's new marketing strategy. The result is a digital dimension with a content-first approach called Spaces.

Through long reads and storycards, visitors receive in-depth content on their favorite artists, upcoming shows, and musical topics – ranging from reflections on legendary shows to insights into emerging musical talent.

Spaces was developed and designed in collaboration with IN10. Explore Effenaar’s platform here.


Autonomous | Photography


Façade - masculinity wrapped in sleek chrome - captures the essence of masculinity through a captivating photographic journal. This poetic collection of images unveils the hidden vulnerability of men and explores society's perception of what it truly means to be masculine.

The thought-provoking series was showcased at the esteemed Photo Festival Eindhoven in 2022.

Playgrounds | Brand Strategy & Design 

Assembling identity in film

Online branding plays a crucial role in helping filmmakers secure new assignments and attract potential clients. By showcasing their portfolio, highlighting their expertise, and engaging with their audience, filmmakers can establish credibility, gain visibility, and increase their chances of being noticed by prospective clients and collaborators in the industry.

A bespoke trajectory commissioned by Playgrounds for its Next Talent Program.


Autonomous | Photography

Villa Nova

Care for the mentally handicapped is in its infancy in Cape Verde. This photographic series shows two of the few facilities in the archipelago: the Villa Nova institution and the daytime center CTO on São Vicente.

Published in GUP's New and exhibited in Melkweg Amsterdam and Rotterdam Photo, amongst others. 

Temporary Art Centre | Art Direction


VOID is an audiovisual piece by Richard van Kruysdijk that investigates the impact of colour, detached from form and narrative. In my role as the primary art director, I transformed the poem into a solitary image, guided by a consistent silhouette that maintained its prominence throughout the entire video.

Spoken word performance by Danny Kuiper from poetry collective Onuitgesproken: winner of the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs 2021. 

TAC x VOID x ONUITGESPROKEN-4.00_00_14_18.Still001.png

Temporary Art Centre | Photography & Writing


Residents is an engaging series that offers a captivating glimpse into the lives of individuals residing in the vibrant cultural incubator, Temporary Art Centre (TAC). Through intimate portraits and thought-provoking interviews, this series showcases the diverse perspectives and artistic journeys of TAC's residents, weaving a rich tapestry of creativity and inspiration.

Winner of the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs 2020.

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