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TAC is a breeding ground for cultural innovation. Its mission is to give promising multidisciplinary artists the chance to develop and show themselves to the world. TAC offers space for this cultural innovation and a platform for experimentation. In addition, it offers creative workspaces: more than 100 ateliers. TAC-Genoten (TAC residents) tells the stories of various makers behind the studio doors in the cultural incubator.

Campaign for TAC - Temporary Art Centre


campaign art direction

A multidisciplinary collaboration between word platform Onuitgesproken and artist-musician Richard van Kruysdijk. The film was produced to promote exhibition VOID in TAC and to campaign for the nominations of the Eindhoven Cultuurpijs 2020.

Winners of the Eindhoven Cultuurprijs 2020. 


autonomous  photography

Inspired by snapshot photography, the fragments of Façade show beauty within trauma. The photo diary, that was once a quest for the search of masculinity, resulted in the escape of a social cultural construct. Behind the dreamy images lies a hidden emptiness. Adonis-like torsos, fast cars and a hard appearance: to whom are we keeping up this sham? 

tac 2 go

campagne  art direction

What does space mean in relation to art and culture? Hybrid arts festival TAC 2 GO shows several exhibitions that can be visited offline. In the evening, the festival continues online in forms of panel talks, poetry and performance to complement the offline program. Get your art to go and tune in at 8 o'clock for TAC 2 GO! 

Campaign for TAC - Temporary Art Centre, Published on MESTMAG

we are tac

campagne  art direction

The film We are TAC is an atmospheric image of the Temporary Art Center: a cultural breeding ground in the center of Eindhoven. Fragments of exhibitions, studios and events are interspersed with frontal portraits, which give a face to TAC.

Campaign for TAC - Temporary Art Centre

villa nova

autonomous  photography

Mental disability is still taboo in Africa. Villa Nova is a shelter for the mentally disordered who are often rejected by family. The safe place runs on volunteers who are not skilled for handling these types of people. Due to understaffing, residents can only take a break in the courtyard for one hour a day. Home or prison?

Exhibited in, among others, Melkweg Expo, Van Abbemuseum, Kriterion Rotterdam

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